Rachel wants each individual piece of work to share
with you its own spirit, its own character.

The marks of making and assembling reflect the journey of exploration and learning in each piece, just as a wrinkle or dimple depicts expression and character in a human face.

The colour, texture and energy of her forms are a metaphor for how she interprets the landscape and world around her.

The impulsive desire we all have to want to touch, and the inherent emotional need to be touched, underpin the technical, creative and emotional foundations of her work.

Rachel's personal intuitive touch is an integral trait in all her work - a dent in the soft clay, a tear, rip, and a finger or handprint in the glaze. She also plays with the rhythm and movement of clay on a wheel to reveal fresh and spontaneous surfaces.


Resting' enclosed form, 42 x 25cm
Photo by David Binch

2017 Winner of the Diessener Keramikpreis, Germany
2016 Winner of the Preis der 'Neuen Keramik', Germany





2020 Programme of
Events & Exhibitions

Die├čen Ammersee International Ceramic Fair


May 21 - 24


Earth & Fire Ceramic Fair

Welbeck, Notinghamshire

June 26 - 28


Celebrating Ceramics

Waterperry, Oxon

July 17 - 19


5 day workshop

La Meridiana International Ceramic School

July 26 - August 1


5 day workshop

Lehmhuus AG, Switzerland

September 9 - 13


5 day workshop

Kunst-Handwerk-Wein, Austria

September 30 - October 4


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